New Blog

I decided to create a professional blog.

Please follow it. I've created two posts: the beginning of a series called "An Incomplete History" that I hope will allow anyone reading to understand my various reasonings for dreaming to study abroad in England.

This blog is not meant, as my Livejournal was, for the random rantings of my mind.

It is instead for the use of the public, which is why it will remain public. I hope to document my dreams coming true. Yes, I believe that much.

Not much has changed, eh?

Me and Topher

are going to London tomorrow.

It still doesn't feel real.

I only know one thing: I will lay in his arms, letting the sunlight warm my face on the grass of the park that's in front of Tate's Art Museum.

I have previous memories there.

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It doesn't have all of my articles on there, barely any of them actually because the website is so new. But, if you were curious, you could see what I've written. And if you were even more curious about my previous articles, you could always just click the home link, and then the archives link and look at the past month and a half of Spinnaker's. I'm in every issue.

Request to Produce

I saw that today at work, Sabby and thought of you.

I also looked up the divorce, child support, etc files on my parents. Mrs. Pam wrote down the case numbers and told me she'd find the hardcopies for me to see. God, I love it here.
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